If you have received an outstanding invoice alert or been charged when you have not used the Parkmobile service recently, there are two plausible scenarios:
1) You have requested a password reminder by SMS.  These text messages are charged at £0.10 per SMS and will result in you receiving an invoice during the next monthly billing cycle, i.e. the beginning of the month following you requesting your login credentials via SMS.  The fee charged by Parkmobile is to cover the mobile network cost in delivering the text message and billed in accordance with our monthly billing cycle operation.  We must stress that the cost of the SMS and billing method is confirmed to you within our password recovery instructions.

2) You have previously used the Parkmobile service with a personal payment card but are no longer in possession of the mobile phone number used at the time and the payment card details have not been updated.  For example, you previously used a mobile phone for business purposes with your own personal credit/debit card and have since left that role of employment.  If the same mobile phone number has then been re-used by the company and your payment card is still registered to the account, any monthly accrued balance will be debited from the registered payment card as per our monthly billing cycle collection process.
If this has occurred then we would recommend you immediately contact the holder (i.e. your former employer) of the mobile phone number in question for reimbursement of any debited fees and contact our Helpdesk to request that the account is disabled. 

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