If you have inadvertently paid more than once on the same day using Parkmobile either as a duplicate payment for the same vehicle in error, or because you have paid for an incorrect vehicle initially prior to paying again for the correct vehicle, you will need to apply for a refund. 

Parkmobile is purely a payment processing company offering an alternative method of payment to the meters in the parking area. We debit your payment card and deposit all parking monies directly in to the car park operators account on your behalf. The car park operator can be the local authority or on occasion a private parking organisation. Due to the strict contractual guidelines that we have to adhere to, we are unable to authorise any request for a refund ourselves, we can however contact the car park operator on your behalf.
To apply for a refund please contact our customer care team by completing the contact form, which you can find here, and attach a copy of your parking history as your proof of payment, along with an explanation for your request.

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