There are 3 options available to change you payment card:

1.       Via the web by logging into your online account at
2.       Via the automated system on the phone.
3.       Via the Parkmobile App.
Online Account

  • Login to
  • Enter your username and password (if not known click “Forgotten username or password”.
  • Under the Managing your Account tab select Payment Method.
  • Select Update your Payment Details.
  • Select the card type (Debit or Credit).
  • Enter the card details and click Register.
  • Select continue.
Automated phone system
Call our automated number 0203 003 2523. You will hear our welcome message and will be offered a menu of options, one of which is “To change your payment card details, press *”
  • Select the * key on your keypad.
  • The next option you will hear will be to amend your vehicle registration (press 1) or to amend your card details (press 2)  Select the number 2 on your key pad.
  • Continue to add your card details as necessary.
Parkmobile App
  • Log in to the Parkmobile app.
  • Under the heading Account select Financial.
  • Select Payment Method.
  • To change payment method select the credit or debit card option.
  • A message will pop up advising you that you will be redirected to a secure site to enter your new card details.
  • Select Next.
  • Select Card Type and complete as necessary.

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