You are able to manage the vehicles that appear on your Parkmobile account.  To edit your vehicle details login to Under “Managing your Account” heading on the left of the screen, select “vehicles
To add a Vehicle
Under the heading “New VRN”, add the vehicle registration into the box to the vehicle box. Click on the dropdown arrow and highlight the mobile number you would like linked with the vehicle and click “Add” to save the vehicle to your account.
Please note that accounts can have multiple mobile numbers and vehicles stored on them. You will need to link the correct vehicle to the correct mobile number. It is possible to have the same vehicle logged against different mobile numbers and your mobile number can also be attached to multiple vehicles.
To Delete a Vehicle
Under the heading “Vehicle Overview” select the vehicle you would like removed from your account by clicking on the word “Delete” to the right of the page.  You will see a pop up message “Are you sure this record can be deleted?”  Click OK.
Please note that one vehicle must remain on the account at any one time so if you attempt to delete the last remaining vehicle on your account the system will generate the following message “at least one VRN must be registered, it cannot be deleted”.  In this instance, add a new vehicle first before deleting the old one.

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