Please visit the website and follow the links to “Become a Customer for Free”.
We recommend you only add your own mobile and 1 vehicle during the registration stage; the rest can be added once the account is set up.
Please note that all details can be amended and changed once the account is set up; this allows for employee turnover and changes.

Stage 1: Account Registration

Stages and details to complete.

1.     Company or Private account: Select Company Account.
2.     Company & Administrator details: Fill in company details, the Individual’s name entered here will be the administrator. Enter the post code and use the address finder to quickly fill out the details.
3.     Credit /Debit Card Entry: This payment card will be used by all users of the account. Each user must be told the 3 digit CVC number to be able to activate their parking. The users will not have access to the credit card information at any point.
4.     Mobile & Vehicle Entry: Only enter your mobile & 1 vehicle at this stage. The other company vehicles and user can be added later. 
5.     Confirmation screen of user details.
6.     SMS notification of Pre-sets and selection of where log-in details will be sent: Your login credential will be sent to your email and/or mobile depending on what you select here.
7.     Final page
Once you have reached this stage please return to and click through to the Login page and log in using credentials sent out via email or SMS. Please note these are case sensitive, and it is recommended that you use the copy/paste function to populate the Log in boxes to ensure accuracy.

Stage 2: Account set up

Now that your account is registered and you have logged in, you have 2 main areas to complete in sequential order.

The system allows users to be linked to a single vehicle or multiple;  when adding vehicles to user accounts, please note that the users will need to listen to all of them over the phone and thus having too many vehicles registered can become cumbersome.

1.    Vehicle Registration: Navigate to the Vehicles tab in the left hand Menu and add all company vehicles to the account.
2.    Users: Navigate to the Users tab in the left hand Menu. Near the top click on the Add Account button, and add all the details for each user by repeating this. The most important detail here is the Mobile number, as this is how the system recognises the users when they phone in to the system.

The Username section is only relevant if your users are Smartphone users, we highly recommend utilising the intuitive App.
Stage 3*:

The stage is only relevant to those companies who are aware that their users have registered to use the system before in the past.
If any users are known to have registered a Parkmobile account in the past then please email and request that all duplicate accounts are closed. This will ensure all future transactions are directed over your newly set up company account.
So that we can access your account and complete a cross search of all the details registered to you please send us an email, which should include:
  • Your Company Account number.
  • The phone number already registered on our system  (and their vehicle registration).

Thanks for your feedback.

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